Betnow sportsbook review

If you are considering placing your online bet using Betnow sportsbook, then take a minute to read this review regarding Betnow sportsbook to understand the advantages and disadvantages of Betnow sportsbook. 

Betnow is the oldest and largest online betting platform for bettors from the United Kingdom and from all around the world. Since its launch, it has maintained a good track record of online betting for the US betting market and betting for various sports. It’s been more than 6 years for Betnow in the field of online betting. Betnow is basically a sportsbook for online betting that offers to place a bet on different sports for not only United States players but for players from all around the world. Along with online betting, Betnow also offers its customers to play at casinos and racebooks. 

Betnow started the operation of online betting in the year 2015 and is the licensed online betting site with maintaining all the rules and regulations by MGA. It is one of the secure and user-friendly sportsbooks of online betting. Though it is new to the market of online betting, with good feedback from their customers, it is giving tough competition to other competitors and making its position in the online betting world. Besides that, it has some things we like and some things that we dislike. Let’s look at themĀ 

Things we like about Betnow sportsbook

  • They do not show false claims and give genuine details about their application means they do not pretend anything to attract more customers or clients towards them. 
  • They offer a welcome bonus offer of 100% on your first deposit of $500 or more. 
  • It is basically an offshore sportsbook that mainly focuses on American sports like horse racing, tennis, and many more. 
  • The bonus of Betnow sportsbook is given by means of a cash deposit on the account which is rare to see in any betting sportsbook. 
  • Their software is quite excellent, user-friendly and an easy to handle application which makes online betting easy and flawless for bettors from all around the world. 
  • They do not charge extra for deposits and for withdrawing on Betnow sportsbook accounts when a transaction is done by using Bitcoins. 
  • It has cool features like live online betting, liver betting props for different sports such as NFL. 

Things we didn’t like about Betnow sportsbook

  • There have been some complaints regarding documents of Betnow sportsbook, which seem to be resolved now. 
  • Betnow sportsbook offers the bettors to place a bet on only American sports like soccer, football, or tennis. Therefore it does not provide the larger sports market to place a bet. 
  • The site navigation of Betnow sportsbook is quite complicated and sometimes you find it irritating. 

Considering, Betnow sportsbook is new in the market of online betting, it offers a good interface to online betting from all around the world. Though the sports market is limited, as they are new and small operated, we are thinking, with years of experience, they will enlarge their sports market. In summary, we will say, Betnow sportsbook is doing great in the online betting market.