tennis rules

Common tennis rules that should be followed while playing

Since 1873, we have all known tennis is a game that is played all over the world. It can be played either double or singles. Both the single and double have almost similar rules but the rule of boundaries differs. When we discuss the rules of tennis then it is a complicated one. There are many people who have been playing tennis for a long time but still don’t have any idea about proper rules and regulations. 

Tennis is a game played between two players from two sides of the tennis tablet. The tennis table has a net in between which divides the two sides of the courts. And the players are allowed to play from their given sides. Also, people play court tennis, it also has two halves. 

While the famous tennis matches, you would have seen on television. Many players who are known for their game also have arguments with the umpires for the rules.  

There is a huge list of rules of tennis for scoring, violations, time limits, court boundaries, and many more. You can get the help of rules and understand the game. 

Here you will get to read about the various rules of tennis. These rules can help both the experts and the beginners. There are some rules that should be known by all of us which will help you to learn the basics of the game.

Court boundaries and layout


Before playing the game and knowing the rules of tennis, you should be aware of the layout of the tennis court. If you understand the layout of the court well then you can score well and also learn the difference between the doubles and singles. 

Some of the general rules of tennis

  • All the sports begin with a coin toss and thus tennis. The flipping of the coin decides the player who will serve first and from which side of the court. 
  • Players are not permitted to touch the net or posts or cross the opposition’s side of the court. 
  • Players are not permitted to hold or capture the ball with the playing racquet. 
  • The players are not allowed to hit the ball twice. 
  • If the ball gets touched to the player’s body then it is counted as a penalty.
  • In the case of racquet leaves the hand or any voiced abuse occurs, the penalty is given. 
  • After the six games, the ball gets replaced with a new ball in every tennis match. 
  • The server should always keep in mind that while serving his feats should not touch the baseline. Otherwise, it will be considered foul. And the players lose one point to the opponent. 

In this article, you will get to read about the basic rules of tennis that everyone should be aware of. Understanding these rules will help you to play at any level of the game. So reading these rules will give you an idea about the game.